Becoming a Conservation Officer

My dream is to be an Idaho conservation officer. How can I start actively working towards this goal as a high school senior?


We appreciate your question regarding becoming an Idaho Conservation Officer.  Your preparation to become an Officer should start now.  Although a degree is not necessary, at least 4 upper level college courses in wildlife/fish management are required.  These courses may include Wildlife Management, Fishery Management, Population Ecology, Mamalogy, Ornithology, Wildlife Ecology, etc.  Applicants with a BS degree in Wildlife/Fish Management are most competitive.   Experience and/or education in Law enforcement or military service is also helpful but not required.  Conservation Officers are Idaho Fish and Game’s front line to local communities and they often have patrol responsibilities of areas larger than 1000 Square miles.  It is important Officers can communicate to sportsmen the principles and reasons why seasons, bag limits, and rules exist.  They must also communicate their field observations to fish and wildlife managers in a credible manner. Officers must be self motivated and independent workers willing to work long hours in all types of inclement weather.  For more information on becoming an Officer or other carreers with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game go to our web site:
You also can feel free to call Blake Phillips @ 208-287-2762 for further information on this topic.

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Monday, June 9, 2014 - 3:45 PM MDT