Bear Valley Creek fishing ( Bruce Meadows )

I was recently fishing Bear Valley Creek at Bruce Meadows and caught a nice 16" Brown Trout. I was wondering if this is a species that Fishing Game planted or if this was just a fluke ?


Years ago, we used to fish the Bruce Meadows area and had a "ball" catching cutthroat and brook trout.  IDFG has never stocked brown trout in this area.
What I suspect you caught is a bull trout/brook trout hybrid.  They can have the brilliant spots that look similar to a brown trout and have the "worm-tracks" on the dorsal fin that come from the brook trout side of the parentage.  Bull trout/brook trout hybrids are incapable of producing viable off-spring.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 8:16 AM MDT