Bear Hunting Locations [in the Rexburg area?]

I am interested in hunting black bear this spring with a bow. Are there any good locations near the Rexburg area?


 Places to hunt that are fairly close to Rexburg would be Moody Creek area west of Rexburg.  Up above the agricultural land in Unit 64 and into forest service is a good place to start.  Relay ridge road is a good access road to many good spots but may be dealing with snow for a while.  I would travel the forest service road that goes to heise as there are many good spur roads.  Many of the roads are gated roads but may allow for great opportunities to avoid other hunters. Again, snow could be a factor for some time on this road.  There are good numbers of black bears in Unit 64 but I would say that there more north of Ashton in Unit 60.  The only issue hunting black bears in Unit 60 is you may come into contact with grizzly bears.  Grizzly bears may be encountered in Units 60, 61, 62A, and 65.You may try the Anderson Mill Road, High Point Road, or any road associated with Big Bend Ridge.  Also, Unit 62A has plenty of forest service with good numbers of black bears. If you intend to bait in grizzly bear county, be aware that grizzly bears can and will seek out bait.  Take extra caution when checking or hunting over bait and make sure to properly identify your target.

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Friday, March 28, 2014 - 10:54 AM MDT