Bass in Treasureton

I was fishing on Treasureton on Tuesday and caught over 100 bass. Sizes from 3inches up to 17inches. Was it planned that these bass were planted in treasureton or were they illegally introduced? I was trying to catch some nice trout and only caught 1 cutthroat (13 inches) and a rainbow (16 inches). I did miss some other trout that were nice size.
Bass were illegally introduced into Treasureton Reservoir. "Bucket" biologists are a serious problem in Idaho.  They not only effect some our most important fisheries, they endanger native fish in some lake and river systems.  This has a huge impact from a dollars and cents perspective.  Lost revenue to the local economy and cost anglers in lost opportunity and fishery renovation costs can be in excess of $1,000,000 (e.g. Horsethief Reservoir fishery, which is being treated in 2015, generates over $4.5 million annually in revenue).  We poison several waters each year to remove undesirable fish species and restore appropriate fish populations.  In 2015, we are renovating Horsethief Reservoir, Hagerman Wildlife Management Area and Soldiers Meadows Reservoir at a cost to anglers of almost $50,000.    
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Monday, September 28, 2015 - 7:53 AM MDT