Are they ever going to open the entire state for the spring snow geese hunts? I hunt the market lake area for ducks and geese, and would like to be able to hunt the same area in the spring.


When this season was first established, the IDFG took a long, hard look at when snow geese were arriving in Idaho during spring to determine whether or not it would make sense to have a season.  The framework for light goose hunting ends on March 10, so if snow geese arrived after March 10, there was no point in having a season.  Light goose hunting in the Pacific Flyway, which includes Idaho, cannot occur after March 10.  In the end, the IDFG decided not to open a season in most of eastern Idaho because geese typically did not start arriving until after March 10.  If we notice that snow geese begin to arrive in eastern Idaho earlier in future years, this is something we may have to revisit.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 11:35 AM MDT