Are there different types of invasive species tags ?


There is only one type of invasive species tag; Idaho law requires that any motorized or non-motorized boat operating in Idaho have an Invasive Species Sticker.
Information from the Dept. of Agriculture about Invasive Species and the sticker program is found online at
Idaho Invasive Species Program FAQ's
Q. Who can I contact with questions specific to the IISF sticker?A. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation 1-800-247-6332
Q. Who can I contact with additional questions regarding the IISF program?A. The Idaho Department of Agriculture manages the IISF program.1-877-336-8676
Q. What kind of vessels need to have the sticker?A. Any boat that is registered in Idaho or another state, and any non-motorized vessel (canoe, kayak, raft, drift boat, etc.) need to have the sticker. Inflatable non-motorized vessels must be less than 10 feet in length to be exempted from this requirement.
Q. Why are boaters being asked to help fund invasive species prevention? A. Aquatic invasive species seriously impact waterbodies. Species like the quagga mussel “hitchhike” from one body of water to the next, primarily on boats.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 11:03 AM MDT