Are there any fish worth Spearfishing for?

I have a speargun and would like to get out and enjoy the sport, but I really don't want to harvest anything that I can't eat. (Carp, suckerfish, etc) Are there any non-game fish that are good eating? Does Idaho plan to update their regulations on spearfishing anytime in the future?


Carp, suckers, northern pikeminnow, and tench are the primary fish that you can harvest with a speargun.  Many people eat carp and pikeminnow, however, they have many small bones so you need to be very careful.  I've tried both types of fish, and like any fish you catch in Idaho, the taste depends mostly on how it's prepared.
In 2015, we will be reviewing all our fishing rules for the next three-year rules booklet.  Check with your local Fish and Game Office in late January to find the best way to provide input and suggest potential rule changes.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 11:29 AM MDT