Are there any areas in twin falls that have an abundance of coyotes?

Hello my name is Eric Aguilar I am a resident of Twin Falls and have recently gotten into predator hunting specifically coyotes. A friend and I have gone out a few times with no luck, most recently we traveled out on East 2800 Rd North and stopped at a few places on that road. I was curious if a game warden knew if there were any coyote sightings in this area.
Yes, there should be coyotes down in that area.  But there are many places to hunt coyotes near Twin Falls--the South Hills, Shoshone Basin, the desert west of Rogerson, the desert north of Gooding or the desert around Shoshone, and many others.  The best way to find coyotes is to look for sign, and it is especially easy right now with the fresh snow.  If you are seeing tracks crossing the roads then you are in a good spot.  Keep in mind that coyote hunting has become very popular and coyotes are very educated now.  Especially if you are hunting and calling near the roads.  You may have more success by getting away from the roads and hunting coyotes that have not been called to.  And if you are calling, maybe switch up your calls and try something different--give them something they haven't heard before.  Good luck.   
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Monday, December 14, 2015 - 2:08 PM MST