Are small pontoon boats, small rafts or float tubes allowed I the Parkcenter pond in Boise

I live close to the Parkcenter pond and am wondering if it is allowed to take inflatables out on the pond. I have seen folks out there but not sure if it is allowed. I have an assortment of float tubes, small pontoon rowing craft and a small raft that I would like to launch from the edge and either go out myself or take my kids with me. Fishing from the shore has not always been user friendly for my kids. In a small raft or the pontoon boat we could get out away from the weeds and I think they would have a better experience. I am aware that we all should use life jackets. Thanks for all you do.


The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game has no rules prohibiting the use of float tubes or other watercraft on Park Center Pond.  After doing a quick review of current Boise City Ordinances, it appears it is legal to use a float tube or other small watercraft provided the pond is not posted as prohibiting the activity.  We would suggest you call Boise Parks and Recreation to confirm.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 9:33 AM MST