Are crappie being removed from Lake Lowell

I haven't caught any crappie from Lake Lowell this past year. The year before I only caught 2 Crappie. Another angler told me that Fish and Game were removing the large crappie from Lake Lowell and placing them in ponds? Is this true. We need large crappie in Lake Lowell. The only other lake that produces good crappie is CJ Strike, which is a long drive from Caldwell. Lets us keep our fish.


There is absolutely zero truth to that rumor. Over the last couple of years, IDFG has been capturing, tagging, and releaseing channel catfish and largemouth bass at Lake Lowell to gain a better understanding of use and harvest rates. In addition, we also occassionally (about once every couple of years) collect a couple hundred bluegill and lesser numbers of largemouth bass to stock new ponds or drought-stricken waters that have refilled. During these efforts, we rarely sample crappie and have never removed or translocated crappie. In fact, we translocated nearly six thousand crappie to Lake Lowell during 2009 in an attempt to increase abundance. This effort did not achieve the intented result likely due to the extremely high abundance of common carp. 

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Monday, January 25, 2016 - 10:07 AM MST