Animal watching

DOESN'T ANYBODY IN IDAHO JUST WATCH THE ANIMALS? This website concerns me. It makes it appear that everyone in Idaho who matters to the wildlife managers is a hunter. Look at the list on the right side. I didn't see ANYTHING about hiking and photographing wildlife. Sport hunting when animals everywhere are under siege is immoral. Not to mention putting normal hikers who just want to see the wildlife in danger from people with guns.
Don't get me wrong. I totally believe in us having guns - more the better given the situation. But, I like to go hiking and I don't want to get shot by some schmoe who has traveled to Idaho to get one of those sickening wall trophy's.


Idaho Fish and Game manages all wildlife including game and nongame.  The agency's Wildlife Diversity Program publishes information about Watchable Wildlife, here's a link:
You can find more information about the program on the Wildlife Diversity Program webpage, under the Wildlife tab.
Fish and Game is funded by license funds paid by hunters and anglers and by excise taxes paid on hunting and fishing equipment.  The agency receives no general tax dollars.
Hunting is a very safe outdoor activity, but during hunting season, it is good practice for all outdoor recreationalists to wear brightly colored clothing (hunter's orange) in areas where hunting is occuring.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 12:45 PM MDT