Access to Birch Creek

I was recently up at Birch Creek. There are Several NEW no trespassing signs. Many right next to the Fishing Access signs. What's the Deal with that? Can I enter through or over the fencing and more to fish?


That's a good question.  We became aware of those signs last week, and are currently trying to ascertain why those are up, who put them up, and how to best address public access along the river.  For the short term, it is probably best to avoid that area until we can resolve this issue with the landowner.  Please check back with me late next week (I'm out of the office until Thursday).  My number at the office is 208-525-7290.  Thanks for your interest in fishing Birch Creek.
Dan Garren
Regional Fisheries Manager

Answered on: 
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 2:35 PM MDT