About Williams Pond

Hi there F&G Peeps! I've been fishing the New Williams Pond, in Boise, just off to the right of the new Parkcenter Bridge, just past Bown Crossing. I know it is stocked regularly, and I've even seen the fishing trailer there a few times. I do not find this/these two ponds on your Family Fishing Waters, Under the Southwest Region, Boise Area. I'm guessing it just hasn't been updated. Anyway, this is a GREAT little fishing area! I've caught some seriously nice Rainbow Trout, Large Mouth Bass, and Blue Gill. I believe I fished this pond about 40 days last year. So far this year, 4. It's a great place and it isn't on your Family Fishing Waters listing and because of that, a lot of youngsters both old and young are really missing out on a great opportunity very close to home. Thanks for all that ya do for us. I am sure we keep ya pretty busy out there! Fish On!!!! CrystalD.


Thanks a bunch for the note.  We often are looking so hard for new fishing opportunities that we miss the obvious one's under our nose.  I'll talk with our "crack" web staff and see if we can get it added to our Fishing Planner and Family Fishing Waters.  Next time you go fishing at Williams Pond, please send us a picture through the "Fish Talk" feature under the Fishing tab on our webpage.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 1:24 PM MDT