2014 Dove Season

I read an article in the local newspaper that dove season was going to be 2 months instead of 1 and the limit now 15 birds. However, as I log on to the website today (8/8/14) and look at the regulations, it is still showing the 2014 season as 1 month and 10 birds.
Does the new season have to be formally adopted still? It seems like you would take the old ones off the website if the decision has already been made...?
Thank you for clearing this up,
Jess Simonds


No.  In early July, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved the earliest and most liberal mourning dove season allowed. The 2014 dove season will last 60 days, from September 1 through October 30. The daily bag limit will be 15 birds and the possession limit will be 45.
The information from the website was taken from the rules rooks which were printed in January.  The website will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

Answered on: 
Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 3:27 PM MDT