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  • short eared owl chick head shot

    Found a baby animal in the wild? Leave it be

    When visiting the great outdoors in the spring and early summer, even if you are only venturing as far as your own backyard, there is something important to keep in mind: when it comes to taking care of wildlife babies, no one does it better than wildlife moms.

  • fishstocking-icon-salmon-region

    Grab your fishing rod, Salmon regional waters to be stocked in May

    With the warmer weather, it’s time to grab your fishing gear and go fishing.

    Idaho Department of Fish and Game will stock over 4,400 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following location in May.

  • Female Sage Grouse with transmitter

    Video: Biologists fit sage grouse with GPS trackers in Eastern Idaho

    Biologists are placing GPS transmitters on female sage grouse in order to study how they nest, raise chicks, and utilize the landscape after the Grassy Ridge fire. 

  • fishstocking-icon-uppersnake-region

    May fish stocking schedule for the Upper Snake Region

    Fish and Game staff will be stocking catchable-size (10 to 12 inch) trout at the following locations in the Upper Snake Region during the month of May. All trout stocked will be rainbows with the exception of Jim Moore Pond which will be receiving 1,800 tiger trout. 

  • Ava with her steelhead March 2009

    Steelhead to be stocked in Blue Mountain Meadow and Squaw Creek ponds

    Personnel from Idaho Fish and Game's Pahsimeroi Hatchery will release 100 steelhead each in Blue Mountain Meadow Pond and Squaw Creek Pond by Friday, April 26.

  • Range In Use

    Farragut shooting range opens May 3

    The Farragut public shooting range will open for the year on May 3. Hours of operation are Friday through Monday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $5 per shooter, per day. 

  • bull elk in the Owyhees in sun light August 2013

    Ten reasons why you should consider applying for a controlled big game hunt

    Controlled hunt application period for deer, elk, pronghorn and fall bear hunts runs May 1 to June 5, and it’s an excellent opportunity to try for a chance at Idaho’s best hunts.

  • bobcat on ledge in rocks

    Mountain lion reports in Southeast Boise turn out to be a bobcat

    Idaho Fish and Game personnel responded to several calls on Tuesday, April 23 reporting a mountain lion in S.E. Boise in the Columbia Village area.

  • seasons-rules-big-game-cover1

    Sportsman’s Warehouse in Pocatello Hosting Ask Fish and Game Event on April 27

    To help hunters better understand the rules, including the latest changes to some of the Southeast Region hunts for 2019 and 2020, Sportsman’s Warehouse in Pocatello is hosting an Ask Fish and Game event on Saturday, April 27 between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm.

  • Grizzly tracks in the snow

    Bears are waking up around the Upper Snake Region

    As the days get longer and the snow starts melting, both hunters and bears are becoming more active in the Upper Snake Region. "Whether you are pursuing bears, turkeys, or just out enjoying the spring weather, people need to be aware that they are in bear country," says Jeremy Nicholson, Bear Biologist for the Idaho Fish and Game. "Both grizzlies and black bears have been seen on trail cameras in the Island Park area recently and lots of people have been seeing tracks." 

  • Henrys Fork Electrofishing

    Henrys Fork electrofishing scheduled

    Idaho Fish and Game will be conducting their annual electrofishing surveys on the Henrys Fork of the Snake River over the next several weeks. These surveys allow biologists to estimate the number of fish per mile and collect biological information such as length and weight.

  • Kahle Becker steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River in 2016

    April 22: Upper Salmon River Steelhead fishing report

    During the week of April 15th, steelhead angler effort on the upper Salmon River was mainly observed upstream of the East Fork Salmon River in location code 19. Angler effort downstream of the East Fork was low, and few interviews were obtained from location codes 17 and 18.

  • Electrofishing schedule set for the South Fork of the Snake River

    Biologists with the Idaho Fish and Game plan to be electrofishing sections of the South Fork every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from now until May 23 as they conduct a feasibility study on the manual removal of rainbow trout. "These removal efforts are not aimed at removing all of the rainbows

  • Rainbow trout

    Mormon Reservoir revival produced great trout fishing and is attracting anglers

    Mormon Reservoir near Fairfield recently returned as a destination fishery that produces big trout and lots of them.

  • 32953084_1939380519446478_2347554992858071040_o

    Become an Idaho Master Naturalist

    Anyone who enjoys and appreciates Idaho’s outdoors can be an Idaho Master Naturalist; teachers, hunters, nature guides, farmers, retired professionals, and …you!

  • steelhead being held underwater in the Salmon drainage March 2011

    April 15: Upper Salmon River Steelhead fishing report

    Over the week of April 8th, the majority of steelhead angler effort on the upper Salmon River was located upstream of the East Fork Salmon River in location code 19. Angler effort in areas downstream of the East Fork was low.

  • Wolf hunting season remains open in several local units

    Due to changes in wolf hunting seasons, some wolf hunts for spring 2019 were extended last year and are not reflected in the 2017-2018 big game rules booklet.

    In the Salmon area, wolf hunting seasons were extended in the following units and will run through:

  • Electrofishing

    Rainbow trout to be removed from the South Fork of the Snake River and stocked in local ponds

    As part of an ongoing effort to reduce hybridization between the non-native rainbow trout and the native cutthroat trout in the South Fork of the Snake River, biologists from the Idaho Fish and Game will be manually removing rainbow and hybrid trout. Fish will be stunned with electro-shocking equipment and then transported to local ponds around the Upper Snake region.