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Press Releases

  • Feel a Frog for Free

    Ever see a desert frog? You can do that and touch one too in an evening of family fun and education at the next Nature Center Wildlife Wednesday program.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. I read something about a "salvage order" on a reservoir. What does that mean?
  • Idaho Fish & Game Commission Seeks Input On Proposed Waterfowl Seasons, Turkey Outfitting & Predator

    IDAHO FALLS - Wildlife management in Idaho covers a broad range of issues. At their next meeting in late August in Boise, the Idaho Fish & Game Commission will be addressing such diverse topics as setting waterfowl seasons, outfitting for turkeys, and adoption of a predator policy.
  • In The Field

    Comments Sought in Outfitting for Turkeys Idaho's wild turkey population and hunting opportunity have increased greatly over the past decade. Tag sales increased from 1,333 in 1989 to 16,781 in 1999. The Idaho turkey harvest increased from 228 to 5,458 during that period.
  • F & G Seeks Comment on Turkey Outfitting, Predator Policy

    Wild turkey outfitting, waterfowl seasons and a draft predator policy top the list of discussion topics for an upcoming open house hosted by Fish and Game. Everyone is invited to attend the August 16 get together to be held at the Fish and Game Nampa office, 3101 S.
  • Fish Limits Suspended at Mountain Home Reservoir

    By order of the Department of Fish and Game, fish bag, possession and size limits at Mt. Home Reservoir have been suspended effective Saturday August 5. Anglers in possession of a valid fishing license are encouraged to catch as many fish from the reservoir as they can eat.
  • Sockeye Return Could Be 100

    Idaho's sockeye salmon captive breeding program may pay off this year with the return of at least 100 of the endangered fish.
  • Bighorn Tag Lottery Nets Disease Research Dollars

    Bighorn sheep disease research received a shot in the arm with this year's bighorn tag lottery.
  • Teachers Take Wild Knowledge Back to Classrooms

    Teachers from all across Idaho will take more knowledge of Idaho's wildlife with them when they return to the classroom this fall.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q.What's the process for reporting big game harvest this year?
  • Potential Loss Of Winter Range To Fire Prompts IDFG To Ban Campfires On All Department Administered

    IDAHO FALLS- The increasing danger of wildfires, coupled with the recent burning of over 1,000 acres of critical deer winter range near Ririe Reservoir, has prompted local IDFG Officials to institute an immediate ban on all campfires on all lands administered in the Upper Snake Region, including all
  • Rainbow Trout Stocking Report

    Personnel from Fish and Game's Nampa Hatchery will be releasing more than 33,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during August. LOCATION NUMBER OF TROUT Boise River (Boise) 6,000
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. I drew on a controlled hunt. Is there a deadline for picking up my permit and tag?
  • Upland Bird, Dove, Furbearer Rules Available

    The 2000 and 2001 proclamation covering upland game birds, mourning doves, furbearers, falconry, sandhill cranes and other species is now available.
  • Hells Canyon Initiative Continues

    One of the luckiest hunters in America will win a chance at an Idaho bighorn later this month and help in a small way to fund a unique wildlife initiative.
  • Lots of Tags Left in Southwest Youth Hunt

    Lots of deer tags are left in the multi-units youth deer hunt in Southwest Idaho, according to Fish and Game spokesman Jack Trueblood. "There were 1,395 permits available for this controlled hunt as of July 14.
  • Hound Hunting Rules Changed

    Meeting in Stanley July 13, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission changed the rules for hound hunting, making it possible to accompany a hunter without having to have a hunting license. The change is effective immediately.
  • Salvage Fish From Fish Creek Reservoir!

    In a recent decision, the IDAHO FISH AND GAME Commission has removed the limit restrictions on all fish in Fish Creek Reservoir in Blaine County.