Press Release

Press Releases

  • Draft Fish Management Plan Approved

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission, meeting by conference call Nov. 17, approved a draft five-year fisheries management plan for 2001 through 2005. This is the fifth management plan developed since 1981.
  • IDFG To Host Open House for Wild Turkey Seasons

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), 1540 Warner Avenue, Lewiston, will host an open house Wednesday, November 29 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. for public comment on proposed changes to the 2001 Wild Turkey seasons.
  • November is the Time to Think About Turkeys, Of Course!

    IDAHO FALLS - It's November and images of turkeys are everywhere. It's no wonder that November is National Turkey Month.
  • In The Field

    Waterfowl Hunters: Know Your (Weight) Limits
  • Open House Set For Trophy Species

    The Magic Valley Region will propose a moose hunt in the Wood River Valley, game management units 48 and 49, at its upcoming open house meeting in Jerome later this month.
  • Fish & Game Searching For Tundra Swan Poachers

    ROBERTS - Market Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) near Roberts, Idaho, has always had an abundance of wildlife.
  • More Steelhead for Boise, Other Rivers

    A strong run of hatchery steelhead has allowed Fish and Game to truck more of the sea-run fish to areas where more anglers will have a chance to catch them.
  • Closure Lifted in Unit 28

    Meeting by conference call November 8, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted to rescind the hunting season closure in game management unit 28 near Salmon. The order is effective Thursday, November 9.
  • Successful Hunters Asked to Report

    Successful elk and deer hunters are now the only ones who need to send a harvest report to Fish and Game.
  • Bribe Offer Fails

    A poacher's offer of half an elk did little to dissuade two hunters from turning in the culprit. The poacher, Robert Dechanne of Boise, was recently sentenced to the maximum penalty by Boise County Magistrate Patricia Young.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. What license or permit do I need to fish for steelhead? I don't think my fishing rules book has the price right.
  • Boise, Payette Rivers to Get More Steelhead

    The Boise River's already red-hot steelhead fishing will get another boost on November 17 when several hundred additional hatchery steelhead are stocked in the river.
  • Party Hunting - Common Form of Poaching

    Poaching is defined several ways. Most of the public would agree that shooting an animal and leaving all or some of the meat to rot is poaching. However, too many people sit idly by for a more common form of poaching - party hunting.
  • Elk Poacher's Bribe Falls on Deaf Ears

    A poacher's offer of half an elk did little to dissuade two hunters from turning in the culprit. In turn, the poacher, Robert Dechanne of Boise was handed the maximum sentence for the offense by Boise County Magistrate Patricia Young.
  • Domestic Animals - Stay Home!

    The MK Nature Center offers an urban haven to many different types of wild animals. Mule deer, raccoons, mink, and great blue herons are just some of the species that find food and shelter at the site. Recently, however, some not so wild animals have been making an appearance.
  • Unit 28 Forage Recovering

    Fish and Game has received many inquiries regarding the impacts of the Clear Creek Fire on wildlife, particularly big game animals.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Can I trade my deer tag for a Clearwater Region deer tag?
  • Don't Shoot Swans

    With flights of waterfowl from the north country due any time now, hunters are reminded to be careful about swans.