Press Release

Press Releases

  • Nonresident Tags Available - for Residents, Too

    Idaho still has nonresident deer and elk tags available for most areas of the state. More than 7,000 deer tags and 1,667 general elk tags were available as of August 21. In addition, 869 elk tags for the northern Panhandle Zone were still available.
  • Leftover Crane Permits On Sale Thursday

    Sandhill crane hunting permits that were not taken in the controlled hunt drawing will go on sale Thursday.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. What do I need a bird stamp for?
  • Holy Catfish - New State Record Caught Near Lewiston

    Twelve-year old Kenny Bob Decker of Kooskia recently caught a 31.05 pound Channel catfish at Mann Lake near Lewiston, making the fish the new state record.
  • Salt And Bait For Hunting Elk And Deer Prohibited

    With the big game archery season rapidly approaching, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game reminds hunters that the use of bait, including salt, to attract deer or elk for the purposes of hunting is prohibited.
  • Smaller Sockeye Run Seen in Stanley Basin

    As expected, this year's run of endangered sockeye salmon is far smaller than last year's.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Are residents going to be able to buy nonresident tags this year? A. Yes, unsold nonresident deer and elk tags will be made available to residents beginning September 1. They will be sold at nonresident prices.
  • Steelhead Run Over Bonneville Tops Records

    The largest steelhead run in the history of dam counts is crossing Bonneville Dam on its way up the Columbia River.
  • Fawn Weight Key to Survival

    How much a deer fawn weighs as winter hits is a key to its survival.
  • Dove Season Begins September 1

    Dove hunters will have the same season and limits as last year when hunting begins September 1. Meeting in Driggs earlier this month, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved the department recommendation for no change in regulations.
  • Sight In For Accuracy And Ethics

    With hunting season rapidly approaching, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game reminds hunters that hunting ethics begin long before going afield. Sighting in rifles is a good example.
  • IDFG Seeking Deer Depredation Hunt Applicants

    The combination of warm weather, ripening crops and abundant deer has resulted in a large number of problems for area farmers. As a result, the Idaho Department of Fish and is seeking additional hunters interested in participating in upcoming antlerless deer depredation hunts.
  • Sight In that Favorite Rifle

    With hunting seasons just around the corner, big game hunters around the region are asking themselves the same question: does my rifle shoot straight?
  • Fish & Game Proposes Changes to Fishing Rules, 2002-03

    The Idaho Department of Fish & Game (Department) will hold two open houses to take public comments on proposed changes to fishing rules for 2002 and 2003. These will be held at the Fish & Game office in Jerome from 1 to 9 p.m. on Monday, August 27 and the Hailey Courthouse from 7 to 9 p.m.
  • IDFG And Potlatch Corp. Team Up To Study Neotropical Birds

    To better understand the impacts of human activities on wildlife, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Potlatch Corporaton have teamed up to study the habits and conditions of neotropical migratory birds.
  • Catch-And-Release Requires A Few Precautions

    Most anglers would agree that catch-and-release fishing is an important conservation practice, but returning fish to the water alive is not always as simple as it sounds.
  • Steelhead ÔNo-Harvest Season' Off To A Good Start

    With hot weather firmly entrenching the Clearwater region, steelhead anglers may be surprised to learn that steelhead have already been moving rapidly up the Columbia and Snake rivers, and into the Clearwater River.
  • Idaho Fish & Game to Conduct Antelope Surveys

    The Idaho Department of Fish & Game will begin antelope surveys in the Little Lost Valley north of Howe this week. The surveys, using a helicopter, will last 3 days and overlap the first couple of days of the archery antelope season that begins on August 15th.