Press Release

Press Releases

  • Burned Out? Website Will Help You Choose

    Hunters who are eligible to change elk zones because of a total recreation closure of their area by a land management agency can get help choosing from the Fish and Game website.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Do I need a federal HIP validation to hunt doves?
  • Hunting Clinics Planned for Youth and Women

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) and the Coeur d'Alene Trap and Skeet Club have scheduled two hunting clinics to assist women and youth new to hunting, and those who wish to hone their hunting skills.
  • Commission Sets Waterfowl Seasons, Aprroves Limited Turkey Outfitting

    At their recent meeting in Boise, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission set waterfowl seasons for 2000 - 01, and established a two day Youth Waterfowl Hunt for September 23 and 24.
  • Commission Sets Process for Refunds, Exchanges for Deer, Elk Tags

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has established a process for hunting license and tag rain checks, refunds or exchanges for areas closed due to fire.
  • Commission Sets Process for Refunds, Exchanges for Trophy Species and Other Species

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has established a process for hunting license and tag rain checks, refunds or exchanges for areas closed due to fire. For hunters with trophy species, bear and lion tags and permits, the following process applies.
  • Residents Can Buy Nonresident Tags

    Beginning September 1, resident hunters can buy nonresident deer and elk tags.
  • Youth Hunt to Start Duck Season

    The popular youth waterfowl hunt has been expanded to two days before the regular duck season begins.
  • Limited Outfitting for Turkeys Approved

    For a three-year trial period, Idaho outfitters may use their own deeded property to take clients turkey hunting.
  • Poachers Pay $6,113, Draw Jail Time

    A southeast Idaho judge has raised the ante for folks who want to gamble with poaching laws.
  • Lake Cascade's Clinging Crustaceans

    They're back, and on Cascade's trout. Small, whitish copepods less than one-quarter inch in length are once again being found on fish taken from Lake Cascade.
  • Wolf Plan Comment Deadline Near

    The public comment period for the draft plan for managing wolves in Idaho once they come off the federal list of endangered species will end September 1.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. What stamps do I need to hunt birds?
  • Sixth Annual Wildfowl Fair Slated for September 9

    The sixth annual Wildfowl Fair will be held at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Visitors' Center on Saturday, September 9. There is no cost to attend and lunch will be served.
  • Sight In that Favorite Rifle

    With hunting seasons just around the corner, big game hunters around the region are asking themselves the same question: does my rifle shoot straight?
  • In The Field

    Cooler nights, county fairs, pick-ups hauling firewood, fields and roadsides turning brown...all are reminders that Idaho's great fall hunting seasons are just around the corner. Hunters are sighting in rifles, poring over maps of hunting areas and in general "gearing up" for good times ahead.
  • All Cranes Are Not Created Equal!

    IDAHO FALLS - As the opening day for the sandhill crane controlled hunt season approaches, hunters are reminded that in addition to sandhill cranes, Eastern Idaho is also host to endangered whooping cranes.
  • Poachers Pay $6,113 In Fines and Penalties

    Judge Lynn Brower of Bear Lake County sent a clear message to offenders of fish and game laws with fines and penalties totaling $6113 and jail time handed out to two men who confessed to poaching two mule deer in Bear Lake County.