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  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. When is duck season? I haven't seen the rules book yet.
  • Youth Hunt Kicks Off Waterfowl Season

    Young waterfowlers will have two days of special hunting this year instead of just one. Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24 are set aside as Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days this year in Idaho.
  • Check Stations Are For All Sportsmen!

    IDAHO FALLS - Most Idaho sportsmen take great pride in their comprehensive knowledge of hunting & fishing lore, but there is one basic rule that many have either "forgotten" or have simply never been made aware of. According to Idaho Code, . . .
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. The rule book says if I get a controlled hunt permit I can't hunt any other deer, but I heard I could buy a leftover nonresident tag and use it as a second tag. Which is it?
  • Fish Limits Reinstated at Mountain Home Reservoir

    By order of the Department of Fish and Game, fish bag, possession and size limits, together with normal fishing rules at Mt. Home Reservoir have been reinstated effective at midnight, Friday, September 15. That means normal bag and possession limits apply, as does standard method of take, i.e.
  • Brochure Tells Big Game Season Changes

    Changes in some big game hunting seasons, caused by a summer of wildfires, are explained in a new Fish and Game brochure available now. The brochure is a supplement to big game hunting rules and has the same authority. The special rules are in effect from September 5 through December 31, 2000.
  • Van Vooren Selected for Deputy Director

    Southwest Regional Supervisor Al Van Vooren has been selected as Deputy Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He will fill the position left by retired Assistant Director Jerry Mallet. The selection was announced by Director Rod Sando at a September 5 staff meeting.
  • Southwest Chukar Count Up

    Chukar hunters can expect another excellent season in southwest Idaho. Chukar, gray partridge and quail seasons begin September 16.
  • Fall Controlled Turkey Hunts Start

    Fall controlled hunts for wild turkey will begin in the Southwest and Clearwater Regions September 15. The season starts October 20 in the Panhandle Region.
  • Correction

    In a press release relating extensions to big game seasons, which was sent out from Fish and Game headquarters September 5 and 6, the Selway and Middle Fork "B" tag elk hunts were both identified as antlered-only hunts. That was incorrect.
  • Fall Is Harvest Time For Grizzly Bears Too!

    Yellowstone Ecosystem - As cooling evenings and shortening days signal the onset of autumn, the instinct to prepare for the coming winter is triggered in both man and animal alike. Sometimes, the similar reactions of the two hunter-gatherers to the coming autumn result in chance meetings.
  • Use Caution When Hunting From Tree Stands

    Deer hunters employ a wider variety of hunting techniques than do hunters of any other big game species.
  • Air Arrow Not Legal

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission, meeting in Boise August 25, passed a rule outlawing a newly-developed "compressed air arrow." The tubular metal arrows contain a sealed chamber loaded with compressed air, which is supposed to erupt into the wound made by the arrow, making it more deadly.
  • Building Bridges at the Nature Center

    Next time you visit the MK Nature Center at Fish and Game headquarters in Boise you may be walking on old milk jugs that you threw into your recycle bin.
  • Upland Seasons Open September 16

    Seasons for chukar, gray (Hungarian) partridge, quail and sage grouse will open September 16. Forest grouse, mourning dove, cottontail rabbit and snowshoe hare seasons opened September 1. Dove season will be the first to close, September 30, and has limits of ten daily and 20 in possession.
  • Burned Out? Website Will Help You Choose

    Hunters who are eligible to change elk zones because of a total recreation closure of their area by a land management agency can get help choosing from the Fish and Game website.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Do I need a federal HIP validation to hunt doves?
  • Idaho Fish and Game Seeking Help From Elk Hunters

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking help from elk hunters as part of the Elk Recruitment Project.