Press Release

Press Releases

  • Commission Approves Salmon Season

    Meeting by telephone conference call April 28, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission unanimously approved a staff recommendation for a season on the hatchery segment of the spring chinook salmon run. There are an estimated 10,000 chinook which are excess to the needs of the hatchery program.

  • Horsethief Reservoir Slowly Refilling

    If your weekend fishing plans include Horsethief Reservoir, don't expect to use the boat ramps. The popular fishing hole is refilling much more slowly than anticipated following last year's yellow perch eradication.

  • Big Game Proclamation Late

    The proclamation booklet for this year's big game hunting seasons will not be available until after May 1.

    Changes in license and tag fees came later than estimated and a few crucial changes in seasons made by the Fish and Game Commission set the booklet production schedule back.

  • Open House Set for Upland Bird and Furbearer Regulations

    An open house will be held at the Magic Valley Fish and Game Office, Jerome, to take public input and comments regarding the upland bird and furbearer regulations for the years 2000 - 2001. This open house will be on Thursday, April 27, from 8 am to 5 pm, at 868 East Main, Jerome.

  • Super Tags Drawn

    Winners of the 10 "Super Tags" for this fall's deer or elk seasons have been selected from hunters who turned in their 1999 hunter harvest reports.

  • Be Safe in the Turkey Woods

    Despite some rainy weather that discouraged wild turkey toms from strutting on opening weekend, Idaho turkey hunters took to the woods in large numbers, according to field observations.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q: My son is now old enough to attend a Hunter Education class. Where and when can he sign up?

  • Governor Signs Fee Increase

    Governor Dirk Kempthorne has signed into law a Fish and Game fee increase bill intended to add about $4.4 million a year to the department's bottom line.

    The new license, tag and permit fees go into effect May 1.

  • CO Nominated for Safari Award

    Bill London, Fish and Game conservation officer in the Horseshoe Bend area, has been named the next Shikar Safari International "Wildlife Officer of the Year" award.

  • Turkey Hunts Open April 15

    General turkey hunts in most of Idaho begin this Saturday, April 15.

    Turkey hunters who buy a tag before May 1 will be buying them at the old price, $7.50. After May 1, the new fee schedule will take turkey tags to $18.

  • Spring Chinook Salmon Season a Real Possibility

    Biologists up and down the Columbia River are forecasting a higher than average spring chinook run this year.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. How do I clean up a bear skull?

  • Wild Chinook Numbers a Fraction of Expected Return

    Of the estimated 27,000 spring chinook salmon projected to cross Lower Granite Dam this year, only about 2,700 (10 percent) are expected to be naturally produced and the rest will be hatchery fish.

  • Spring turkey hunting in the Idaho Panhandle

    Spring turkey hunting in the Idaho Panhandle begins April 15 for those fortunate to draw a controlled hunt permit. Early season hunting activity is spread out by a lottery. The first hunt includes 125 permits valid April 15-April 21.

  • Fees Changed for Trophy Species Drawing

    Due to the recent Legislative approval of a Fish and Game fee increase package, prices for the upcoming application period for moose, goat, and sheep hunts will increase to the new fee levels.

  • Incredible Idaho on the Web

    Now you can view Incredible Idaho videos on your computer. Watch an angler catch a huge sturgeon in Hells Canyon or go along on a bighorn sheep capture!

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. I plan on going bear hunting this spring. Do I have to bring the meat home?

  • Annual Sale Set for Idaho Falls

    Fur Sale? Has Fish & Game resorted to selling fur coats to make ends meet? No, it's time for the annual fur sale of raw furs confiscated from poachers or removed from abandoned animals.