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  • fishstocking-icon-salmon-region

    August fish stocking schedule for the Salmon Region

    With the summer weather, it’s time to grab your fishing gear and go fishing.

    Department of Fish and Game will stock over 14,320 catchable-sized (10 to 12-inch) rainbow trout at the following location in August:

  • idfg_conservationbadge_poach-01

    F&G seeking information about a cow elk shot and left to waste near Sheridan Creek

    Conservation Officers responded to the report of a dead cow elk near Sheridan Creek off the Yale-Kilgore road on Saturday, July 24. Upon investigation it was determined that the elk had indeed been shot and left to waste. The shooting is believed to have occurred on the evening of July 23.   

  • mosquito_flat_image

    Jack Chinook Salmon stocked in Mosquito Flat Reservoir

    Personnel from Idaho Fish and Game's Pahsimeroi Hatchery released 67 jack Chinook salmon in Mosquito Flat Reservoir near Challis on Friday, July 23.

  • hunter education instructor talks to kids in a class January 2014

    Instructor-led hunter education courses are back; you can now sign up for classes

    Fish and Game recently began gradually reopening in-person courses and they are now back in full swing, and in time for new hunters to complete them before the fall seasons.

  • rooster ring necked pheasant head shot

    Inadvertent closing date change to pheasant season to be addressed by F&G Commission

    It was not the intent of staff, or the Commission, to extend the season in Area 2 without public comment opportunity, so the Commission will take up the matter during their next meeting, at which time they will have the opportunity to restore the Nov. 30 closure.

  • cow_elk_in_the_magic_valley_region

    Summer elk hunts require special preparation

    With some early season elk hunts starting Aug. 1, Idaho Fish and Game officials remind hunters that they can increase their chances of success and avoid possible problems by  obtaining landowner permission, knowing the area they intend to hunt and take extra precautions to properly care for the game meat during summer weather. 

  • sage grouse with fan tight shot

    Sage grouse and sandhill crane tags go on sale Aug. 1

    Hunters wanting to hunt sage grouse or sandhill cranes can buy tags starting at 10 a.m. MDT on Aug. 1, and both will be available in limited numbers on a first-come, first served basis. NOTE: Because Aug. 1 falls on a Sunday, Fish and Game offices will not be open on that day. 

  • Four air gun shooters aim at targets at the Nampa Public Shooting Range

    A beginner's guide to public shooting ranges

    Visiting a supervised shooting range for the first time can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Shooting ranges are designed for safe firearms practice for shooters of all abilities, and they can be a great place for beginners to learn more about responsible, safe shooting.

  • hunter shooter taking aim with his rifle and scope wearing a hunter orange cap April 2014

    Dust off your firearm or bow and get dialed in before the hunting season

    In the middle of the summer, hunting season might seem like it’s still a long ways away, but this is the perfect time to prepare for success in the fall. 

  • Rainbow trout

    Idaho Fish and Game asks anglers to help with trout fin clip project on the Snake River

    Anglers, Idaho Fish and Game needs your help! Fish and Game is interested in knowing how many rainbow trout caught in the Snake River above American Falls Reservoir are from a hatchery or from wild origin. You can help by participating in a fin clipping effort with the rainbow trout you catch, even if you release the fish.

  • bobcat2_077

    Bobcats abound in the Boise area and beyond

    Bobcats are common, but reclusive in nature. They don’t often come out in daylight hours as they are most active at night. The rocky canyons with mixed riparian and wooded areas nearby make Boise an ideal habitat for the bobcat. It is not necessary to report a normal bobcat sighting to Idaho Department of Fish and Game unless it exhibits unusual behavior, such as acting aggressive or unafraid. 

  • smallmouth_bass

    Ririe Reservoir fishing update

    Fisheries biologists completed their annual kokanee monitoring effort on Ririe Reservoir in early June. We estimated the second highest catch rates since our annual monitoring program for kokanee began in 2015. Anglers are also reporting excellent catch rates for Smallmouth Bass when fishing points, boulder drop-offs, and rocky, steep banks.

  • chinook
  • idfg_logo_icon

    Fish and Game seeks angler input on proposed fishing rules

    Anglers across the state are invited to provide their input on several proposed changes to fishing seasons and limits, which will be included in the 2022-24 fishing seasons and rules. 

  • Gavel, enforcement,

    F&G Commission approves purchases that could add 2,100 acres to Tex Creek WMA

    Tex Creek WMA is 15 miles east of Idaho Falls and a mix of state and federal lands managed by Idaho Fish and Game for wildlife habitat, hunting and other wildlife-related recreation. The WMA is currently about 35,000 acres before the potential addition of three properties. 

  • Big Meadow Creek culvert with baffles/ Photo by IDFG

    Genetic test for steelhead passage success

    The Potlatch River is home to one of the largest wild steelhead populations in the lower Clearwater River. Even though wild steelhead are present, Idaho Fish and Game and a variety of other agency partners and private landowners are working to get even more wild steelhead there in the future.

  • greater sage grouse Tom Reichner

    Sage-grouse hunters will have to buy tags for the 2021 season, which go on sale Aug. 1

    Sage grouse hunters will have to buy tags designated for specific areas for the 2021 season, and a total 1,950 tags will be available on a first-come, first served basis starting Aug. 1. Hunters must choose a single zone to hunt in, but the hunting season will extended by more than a month in some zones. Each hunter can buy up to two tags depending on the zone, but eight zones are limited to one tag per hunter. 

  • moose_in_twin_falls_park_july_2021

    Yearling moose relocated out of a Twin Falls residential neighborhood

    Residents of northeast Twin Falls had an unexpected visitor on Sunday, July 18, when they awoke to a yearling moose wandering throughout their neighborhood. Originally reported in the Kimberly area four days earlier, the moose slowly made its way into Twin Falls.