Press Release

Press Releases

  • Elk Counts Completed in Units 43 & 44

    Wildlife personnel and conservation officers have completed aerial and ground counts of elk in game management units 43 and 44. In the South Fork of the Boise River Drainage (unit 43) a total of 814 elk were noted at five elk feed sites.

  • Commission Meets March 2-3

    Fish and Game Commissioners will take action to set big game hunting seasons for this fall when they meet in Boise March 2-3.

  • Pheasants Trapped for Transplants

    Wild pheasants trapped in Idaho and four other western states will be released in the Magic Valley and Upper Snake Regions this winter, part of a plan to try to rebuild ringneck numbers in southern Idaho.

  • Big Changes for Lake Pend Oreille Trophy Fishery

    Although most anglers have heard of the major changes in fishing regulations on Lake Pend Oreille, many are still wondering exactly what the changes were, what those changes were based on, and what more is being done to help rebuild the kokanee population.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. I thought Fish and Game had an "electronic bulletin board service." What happened?

  • Lost and Found! Missing Forms Found

    Data from an estimated 5,000 hunter report cards was recovered February 10, according to Assistant Director Steve Huffaker. It was still with the contractor in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Radio News Available on Website

    For several months, Fish and Game has offered radio stations a telephone number with recorded sound bites. Now, that service is available on the agency website as well.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. My son won't be old enough to buy a hunting license until after the controlled hunt application period. Can he apply anyway?

  • Fatality Total Worst Since 1982

    Idaho's 1999-2000 hunting seasons ended with the highest number of fatalities since 1982.

    Five people died in hunting-associated shooting incidents during the seasons recently ended. Four non-fatal shootings were also reported, below the 20-year average for such incidents.

  • Sheep Tag Goes for $46,000

    The Idaho bighorn auction permit brought $46,000 at the recent Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS) convention.

    Jerry Tyrell, president of the Washington FNAWS chapter, bought the permit for the coming fall sheep hunt. Last year's permit sold for $36,500.

  • Hunters Not at Fault in Report Card Problems

    Hunters are not at fault in the problems with Fish and Game's deer and elk hunter report cards, said assistant director Steve Huffaker.

  • Fishing Rules Changed in Panhandle, Upper Snake

    Meeting in Boise Jan. 27, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to change some fishing rules in the Panhandle and Upper Snake regions.

  • Fish and Game Receives Blood Award

    The Lewis and Clark Region of the American Red Cross has awarded Fish and Game employees its certificate of appreciation for donating 176 pints of blood in 1999.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Why is the size of the hole limited to 10 inches for ice fishing?

    A. For your own safety. Idaho Code section 36-1509 specifies this. There are exceptions, such as the one on Bear Lake in the Southeast Region, where any sized hole may be cut to go after cisco with a dip net.

  • Lost and Found! Missing Forms Found

    Data from an estimated 5,000 hunter report cards was recovered Feb. 10, according to Assistant Director Steve Huffaker. It was still with the contractor in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Open House Meetings Set for 2000 Big Game Rules

    The Magic Valley Regional Fish and Game staff will host three public meetings next week to gather input and comments on the proposed 2000 big game rules. These rules will cover season lengths, permit levels, opening dates, etc. for deer, elk, antelope, black bear and cougar this coming fall.

  • Rifle & Bow Hunter Registration Dates Set for Region

    Registration for spring and summer rifle and bow hunter education classes will be held at seven locations throughout the region the last week of February and the first week of March.

  • Sando to Head Fish and Game

    Nancy Hadley, chair of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, today announced that the Commission has selected Rodney Sando, former director of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, to be director of the Department of Fish and Game. Mr.