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Press Releases

  • Domestic Animals - Stay Home!

    The MK Nature Center offers an urban haven to many different types of wild animals. Mule deer, raccoons, mink, and great blue herons are just some of the species that find food and shelter at the site. Recently, however, some not so wild animals have been making an appearance.

  • Unit 28 Forage Recovering

    Fish and Game has received many inquiries regarding the impacts of the Clear Creek Fire on wildlife, particularly big game animals.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Can I trade my deer tag for a Clearwater Region deer tag?

  • Don't Shoot Swans

    With flights of waterfowl from the north country due any time now, hunters are reminded to be careful about swans.

  • Steelhead Run up 55 Percent

    Recent angler catch rates reflect what fish biologists expected-the best steelhead numbers Idahoans have seen since 1992-93.

  • In The Field

    Deer season opened this week in much of the Panhandle Region. A few calls have come in from landowners, upset with hunters on cultivated private property without permission.

  • Vegetation Recovering from Fire

    Since the end of summer, Fish and Game has received many inquiries regarding the impacts of the Clear Creek Fire on wildlife, particularly big game animals. The public is not alone in their concerns.

  • Steelhead Come to the Boise

    Get the big gear ready; steelhead will be released into the Boise River November 3.

  • Pheasant Stocking Program Continues

    Legislators indicated satisfaction with current Fish and Game's pheasant stocking program when this year's results were presented to them in a meeting October 24.

  • New Southwest Supervisor Takes Over

    Don Wright is on the job as Supervisor of the Southwest Region, the largest and by far most populous of Fish and Game's seven regions.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. When do next year's licenses become available?

    A. December 1, resident and nonresident licenses will be available, as well as nonresident general-season tags.

  • In The Field

    An illegal act in Hayden caused quite a stir this week. A poacher launched an arrow at a doe whitetail deer. Unfortunately, the arrow hit the deer. Fortunately, the arrow struck the scapula and only slightly penetrated the animal's shoulder.

  • Pheasant Stocking Increases

    Fish and Game will plant about twice as many birds on Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) this fall compared to past years.

  • Elk in the Clear Creek Burn: To Feed or Not to Feed?

    The Clear Creek Fire in game management unit 28 has left many people wondering what big game animals, especially elk, will be feeding on this winter. Impressions of a completely charred landscape have led to rumors that Fish and Game will feed wintering elk to make up for a lack of natural food.

  • All Stop At Check Stations

    Idaho sportsmen take pride in their knowledge of hunting and fishing techniques and safety practices, but there is one basic rule that is sometimes overlooked.

  • Commission Sets Tag Quotas

    The number of general hunt elk and deer tags allowed for nonresidents will be about the same for next year as in the last several years.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Does calling the Citizen's Against Poaching (CAP) really help find poachers? Can I remain anonymous and still collect a reward if the information I give them helps catch a poacher?

  • Steelhead Anglers: Nez Perce Tribal Steelhead License Not Valid Outside Reservation

    Steelhead anglers are reminded that the Nez Perce tribal steelhead license is not valid outside the reservation boundary on the Clearwater River or on the Salmon and Snake rivers. However, an Idaho fishing license with a steelhead permit is valid on all three rivers.