Press Release

Press Releases

  • "Catchability" Tested

    Anglers in southcentral and southeast Idaho will have a chance to participate in a first-of-a kind research effort designed to increase the "catchability" of Idaho hatchery trout.

  • Wildlife Projects Help Juvenile Offenders Build a New Future

    Juvenile offenders at the State Department of Juvenile Corrections in Nampa are building a fresh startÑa new life for themselves and some new homes for a pair of needy birds.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. Where can I report a poacher? Is there a reward?

  • Fish Limits Suspended at Two Local Reservoirs

    By order of the Department of Fish and Game, fish bag, possession and size limits at Indian Creek Reservoir and Black's Creek Reservoir have been suspended effective Monday, June 11.

  • South Fork Salmon Season Approved

    Contact: Bill Horton, 334-3791

  • Rainbow Trout Stocking Report

    Personnel from Fish and Game's Nampa Hatchery will be releasing more than 69,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during June.


    Boise River (Boise) 3,000

  • Leave "Abandoned" Wildlife Alone

    With May and June being the peak time for Idaho's wildlife to have their young, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game offers this simple suggestion to well-intentioned people finding baby animals that appear to be abandoned: Leave them alone.

  • Free Fishing Day Saturday, June 9!

    IDAHO FALLS - Free Fishing day has been so successful that it has become an institution not just in Idaho, but nationwide! This year the event falls on Saturday, June 9th. Free fishing day is the one day of the year when no license is required to fish.

  • Fish for Free Saturday

    Anyone who wants to go fishing Saturday, June 9, can do it for free.

  • Commission Approves Nursing Home Fishing License

    Meeting by telephone conference call May 30, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved rules establishing the Idaho Nursing Home Facility Resident Fishing Permit.

  • Riggins Reels 'Em In

    By Sue Nass

    "This is my ninth fish right here," Boise angler Michael Kendall said as he held up a big salmon. "Yeah, they're just outstanding this year. There's more fish than anyone knows what to do with!"

  • Salmon Season in the South Fork Salmon River

    Meeting by conference call May 30, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved a season on hatchery chinook salmon for the South Fork of the Salmon River. The season will open June 10 if a permit is received from the National Marine Fisheries Service by that date. It will run through Aug.

  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q. How many people are fishing for salmon?

  • Free Fishing Day in Southeast Idaho

    Saturday, June 9 is Free Fishing Day. No fishing license is needed to fish in any open season fishing water. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game invites anglers of all ages to take advantage of this day and go fishing!

  • Some Southeast Region Waters Open for Salvage

    All the fish you can eat! Johnson, Chesterfield and Hawkins Reservoirs will be open for salvage beginning June 1, 2001. Open for salvage means there will be no bag, possession and size limits for anglers on these specific reservoirs.

  • Free Fishing Day Is June 9!

    Saturday, June 9 is Free Fishing Day throughout the Gem State, and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game invites all anglers, old and new, resident and nonresident alike, to fish anywhere in the state that day without a fishing license!

  • Last Chance For Bowhunter Education

    If you are a first-time bowhunter, you must take the state approved Bowhunter Education course before participating in any big game hunt identified as an archery hunt. Courses will be conducted in June and July in Twin Falls, Burley, Gooding, Hazelton and Hailey.