Press Release

Young grizzly trapped and relocated in Eastern Idaho

Bear was not causing problems, but was relocated to a more remote site

On Aug. 8, Idaho Fish and Game personnel captured a yearling grizzly bear in a research trap near Big Springs. Grizzly bears typically stay with their family group until they are two years old. Biologists were uncertain why this young bear was not with its mother, but it was in good condition and making it on its own.

This was not a management or conflict capture, but the young bear had been seen near Mack’s Inn on a couple of occasions and it was always alone. Biologists fitted it with a GPS collar and relocated it to an area with less human activity.

The bear was moved to a location near Huckleberry Ridge about 6 miles east of Warm River, where it should have plenty of natural food to eat. Not all bears are good candidates for relocation, but a young bear that is not severely habituated or food conditioned has a good chance of living a normal life and avoiding future conflict.

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