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Winter Waterfowl Survey Recently Conducted

In cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Army Corps of Engineers recently surveyed wintering waterfowl populations in the Lewiston-Clarkston valley. Overall, mallards were more abundant than last year, and a slight increase in the area's Canada goose population was observed. Diving ducks numbers were up also. Weather conditions were favorable for determining species and counting numbers. The mild weather and early green-up of forage resulted in birds scattered throughout the area. Compared to the 5-year average, dabbling duck species, such as Mallard, wigeon and Wood ducks were up 22 percent, with 7,480 birds counted. Goldeneye, bufflehead and Ring-necked Duck, referred to as divers, were up 28 percent, with 2,480 being counted. A total of 2,700 Canada geese were observed, a 38 percent increase over the five-year average. The annual winter survey is conducted to determine distribution and relative abundance of wintering waterfowl in North America.