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Wild Turkey Regulations Available

The 2001 Idaho Wild turkey regulations are now available at all license vendors and Fish and Game offices. Similar to Idaho's expanding turkey population, hunter opportunity and bag limits continue to increase, with hunters allowed to harvest three birds during the year. Two bearded turkeys may be taken in the spring and one turkey, any sex, can be taken in the fall. The general spring hunts run from April 15 to May 25. The second spring tag is valid for any general hunt but only from May 10 to May 25. The new fall general hunts run September 15 to September 30. "Turkey hunting should be great this year," Clearwater Region Wildlife Manager Jay Crenshaw predicts. "The population is expanding and hunters should take advantage of the increased opportunity." Mild winters, favorable spring weather, and large areas of vacant habitat have allowed Idaho's turkey population to increase significantly. Transplant operations have also helped boost numbers in suitable areas not previously occupied. All quality habitat is now stocked and many birds are now being pushed into marginal habitat where surviving is difficult. Providing extra harvest opportunity is a good way to utilize the many birds now available. Fall hunts are only possible while the population remains high. Eventually with unfavorable weather, turkey populations will decrease and fall hunting will have to be reduced.