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Waterfowl Youth Hunt Coming Up

Youth hunters who want an early shot at a duck or goose may participate in the youth waterfowl hunt on September 27 and 28.

The hunt is open to youths 15 and younger.

The regular waterfowl season opens the following weekend, on October 4 in northern and eastern Idaho, and on October 11 in the southwestern part of the state. The scaup season opens October 25 in the northern and eastern parts of the state, and November 1 in the southwest.

The waterfowl youth hunt includes goose, duck, coot and snipe. The season is closed on canvasbacks.

Youth hunters must have a 2008 Idaho hunting license and a federal migratory game bird harvest information program validation. But a federal duck stamp is not required.

At least one adult 18 years old or older having a valid hunting license, must accompany each youth hunting party into the field at all times. Adults are not allowed to hunt.

All other state and federal migratory game bird hunting rules and regulations still apply. Bag limits for ducks and geese will remain the same as for the general season. Hunters are allowed to harvest seven ducks, but that can include no more than one pintail, two redheads and two mallard hens. They can also harvest four geese.

Nontoxic shot is required to hunt waterfowl.