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Waterfowl Rules Available

The Idaho waterfowl hunting rules for the 2000-2001 season will be available this week. The rules booklets will be available at Fish and Game offices and license vendors. The rules can also be found on the Fish and Game web site at for Internet users. Duck and goose seasons begin October 7 in Idaho, except for a portion of the southeast that includes Fort Hall. Hunters will note a closed season for ducks October 19-20 and a closed season for geese October 19-27 in most of the state. The splits in seasons were created by the Fish and Game Commission in order to offer the maximum of weekend hunting within the period authorized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. There is no split season in the Fort Hall area where the goose season runs October 14, 2000 to January 19, 2001 and the duck season will be October 7, 2000 to January 19, 2001. Included in the rules booklet are legal shooting hours for each day of the season.