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View Chinook salmon at the Fish and Game MK Nature Center

Visitors to the Fish and Game MK Nature Center now have the opportunity to see one of Idaho's most amazing animals: Chinook salmon.

Creative Commons Licence
Photo by Roger Phillips, IDFG

Several Chinook have joined the other fish swimming in the Nature Center's stream.  Fish managers and hatchery workers delivered the salmon to Boise on Friday to give visitors the opportunity to see these amazing fish close-up through viewing windows.  The windows provide visitors the ability to see what things look like from the perspective of creatures that live beneath the water's surface.  Lucky visitors may even get the chance to watch the salmon spawn later this summer.

Idaho's anadromous fish (including Chinook salmon) swim as far as 900 miles from the Pacific Ocean to spawn in the rivers and streams where they were hatched.  Their journey is longer than any other fish native to the continental United States.

The Nature Center is located at 600 South Walnut Street behind Fish and Game Headquarters.  For more information, go to