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Idaho Fish and Game

Tripod Reservoir near Smiths Ferry, Idaho

Valve Repairs Nearly Complete at Tripod Reservoir


Emergency repairs on the outlet valve at Tripod Reservoir, near Smiths Ferry, should be completed by the end of Tuesday, October 11. Crews hoped to have the repairs done last week, but once the faulty valve was examined, it became apparent that an easy fix was not in the cards.

“Like a lot of simple plumbing projects, this one rapidly deteriorated into a much more cumbersome effort,” Fish and Game Boating and fishing access coordinator Dennis Hardy noted. “In the process, reservoir levels had to be reduced further than anticipated to make the necessary repairs.”

What this all means for Tripod anglers has yet to be determined. Fish and Game biologists will be assessing current water levels to determine if fall and winter fish survival is an issue. “Either way, Tripod will be stocked with rainbow trout next spring as the reservoir refills,” Fish and Game fisheries manager Dale Allen said. “We’ll have it ready for the 2017 fishing season.”


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