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Two ponds at Ted Trueblood WHA will be dry this waterfowl season for habitat improvement work

With habitat improvements planned for this winter at the Ted Trueblood Wildlife Habitat Area near Grandview, two of the WHA’s three ponds will be dry for the 2021-22 waterfowl seasons.

Both ponds are located on the southeast portion of the habitat area. Signs have been posted in the parking area nearest the ponds to let sportsmen know that they are dry, and direct them to hunt the large pond on the northwest portion of the WHA, which does have water.

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Keeping the two ponds dry this season will allow Fish and Game habitat staff to effectively manage the bulrush and cattail that has choked out much of the open water using a prescribed burn and herbicide application.

The treatment will be particularly beneficial on the larger of these two ponds, which is currently 70-80 percent covered with bulrush and cattail. The temporary inconvenience for hunters in the area will pay dividends in coming years for both waterfowl and waterfowl hunters.

“This burn will create much more open water habitat for waterfowl to use, and our hope is that we will have 70-80 percent open water after this prescribed burn,” said Brandon Flack, Regional Wildlife Habitat Biologist. “That equates to more opportunities for us to grow duck food through moist-soil management techniques, more area for waterfowl to use the food and open water, and more hunting opportunity for sportsmen.”