Press Release

A tip from the public assists in learning more about the bull moose poached in southern Idaho

Tips from the public can be a critical piece of information for our officers to use as they investigate cases of poaching of Idaho's fish and game resources.

A recent Fish and Game press release asked the public for help in solving the case of a bull moose killed illegally in Unit 54, south of Twin Falls. The Department is pleased to let the public know that with their help, we have received important new information regarding this case.

Following the plea for information about the killing of the bull moose, another moose hunter provide a key piece of information to Officer Jim Stirling when they provided a picture of the moose, alive near the kill site on September 21, 2020. Fish and Game officers now know that the moose was poached on or after September 21, 2020.

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Antlers from a bull moose that was killed illegally in Unit 54, south of Twin Falls.

With this new information, the public is again encouraged to provide any information that may lead to the individual or individuals involved in this illegal moose killing.

Anyone with information regarding a potential closed season hunting violation and wanton waste of the bull moose is encouraged to call either the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999, Officer Jim Stirling at 208-539-4408, or the Fish and Game Magic Valley Regional Office at 208-324-4359. A reward is available for information leading to an arrest.