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Steelhead Run up 55 Percent

Recent angler catch rates reflect what fish biologists expected-the best steelhead numbers Idahoans have seen since 1992-93. Through the end of October, biologists counted 104,087 steelhead coming over Lower Granite Dam, the last lower Snake River dam before the run reaches the Idaho border. That is 55 percent higher than at the same time last year when the run numbered 66,878. Last year's run was comparable to the 10-year average of 66,118. Recent contacts with anglers on the Snake, Clearwater and Salmon rivers showed anglers in most areas catching steelhead faster than the 20 hours per fish average that is considered good steelheading. This year's run is largely a product of the same high water factors and ocean conditions that brought a substantial salmon run back to Idaho this past summer. Anglers can view steelhead fishing reports on the Fish and Game web site under the fisheries section.