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Steelhead Headed for Boise River

Fish and Game fisheries managers plan to bring steelhead to the Boise River during the week of October 28. A first shipment of 300 to 500 fish may be followed by further shipments until about 1,000 steelhead have been planted in the urban fishery. The exact scheduling of shipments depend on trapping conditions at Hells Canyon and Oxbow hatcheries. Steelhead are usually planted in the Boise River when the Idaho Power Company-owned hatcheries in the Hells Canyon complex attain their needs for spawners. Idaho anglers are currently enjoying an exceptional run of steelhead. The Fish and Game Commission recently raised steelhead limits to three per day, nine in possession and 40 for the season. (Two permits required) Barbless hooks are not required for fishing for steelhead in the Boise River but anglers must have a steelhead tag in addition to a fishing license.