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Some Southeast Region Waters Open for Salvage

All the fish you can eat! Johnson, Chesterfield and Hawkins Reservoirs will be open for salvage beginning June 1, 2001. Open for salvage means there will be no bag, possession and size limits for anglers on these specific reservoirs. Representatives of local canal companies have notified the Idaho Department of Fish and Game that they will be draining Johnson Reservoir in Franklin County, Chesterfield Reservoir in Caribou County and Hawkins Reservoir in Bannock County. Drought conditions and a need to maintain the outlet structure at Johnson Reservoir led to their decision. Hawkins and Chesterfield will be drained by mid-July and Johnson will be drained by the end of this summer. Fish in these reservoirs will die as water levels become too low, therefore, the Fish and Game will be opening these reservoirs to salvage. A fishing license is required, but fish may be harvested by any method of take except firearms,, explosives chemicals, or electric current.