Press Release

Some Horsethief Reservoir campgrounds closed until further notice

West side campgrounds remain open

Only days after opening, the east side campgrounds at Horsethief Reservoir are closed until further notice, following the abrupt resignation of the camp host. A contractual agreement between the department and the YMCA requires that a camp host be on site while the campground is open.

Campers can still find that special campsite on the west side of Horsethief, where Ospreys Bay, Easters Cove, Timber Bay and Bear Knob campgrounds all remain open.

Creative Commons Licence
Evin Oneale, IDFG

Horsethief Reservoir is managed cooperatively by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the YMCA. Fish and Game manages Horsethief’s popular trout fishery, while the YMCA is responsible for campground management.

The campground closures will have no impact on fishing or boating activities at Horsethief.

For questions regarding campground closures at Horsethief Reservoir, please contact YMCA representative Randy Spiwak at 386-212-7123.