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Some Controlled Hunts Cut Back

Meeting at Kelly Creek Ranger Station May 17, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission changed numbers of permits in four controlled hunts for elk. Commissioner John Burns from the Salmon Region suggested, and the commission unanimously approved, a reduction in permits from what was approved in March in Game Management Units 28, 30 and 30A. In Controlled Hunt 2007, numbers were lowered from 75 to 60 antlered elk and in hunt 2068 from 300 to 250 antlerless elk (both Unit 30.) In Unit 30A hunt 2008 was reduced from 50 to 40 antlered elk and hunt 2069 from 75 to 60 antlerless elk. In hunt 2065 in Unit 28, permits were reduced from 150 to 125 antlerless elk. Factors in the reduction include predation and the addition of a depredation hunt in Unit 28; and in the other units, a lowered population estimate based on sightability surveys. The change takes place immediately and a rules addendum will be sent to license vendors.