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Idaho Fish and Game

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Services in Place for Fish and Game License Buyers Potentially Affected by License System Breach


The Identity Theft services announced last week by Active Network for Idaho Fish and Game license buyers are now in place and operating.

The Texas-based company owns and operates Fish and Games hunting and fishing license system and is making the services available to all license buyers whose personal information may have been compromised by an attempt last month to access the online license system.

Active Network is offering two years of free identity protection and restoration services. 

The company established a website where people can check to see if their information was potentially impacted, receive instructions on how to access identity protection and restoration services, and receive tips to protect against identity theft.

The website address is:

Active Network also established a toll free call center to answer questions about the incident or the identity protection services provided.  The number is 1-855-260-2772.

The company will mail out notices starting today to all license buyers potentially affected by the data breach.  The notices include information about what happened and the steps outlined above to protect customers from identity theft.

Idaho Fish and Game’s online license purchasing system remains shutdown until the agency is comfortable with the security measures taken.

Fish and Game licenses and tags can be purchased by telephone by calling 1-800-554-8685.  Buyers who use the telephone option should note that it takes 7 to 10 business days for licenses and tags to arrive by mail.  Hunters can also make purchases at any of the 400 businesses throughout Idaho that sell Fish and Game licenses and tags or at Fish and Game regional offices or the headquarters office in Boise.

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