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Salmon Seasons Open on the Fourth of July Weekend

Though salmon fishing closes Tuesday on several river segments, two rivers will remain open over the Fourth of July weekend, providing a combined 63 miles of river open to salmon fishing. Almost 30 miles of the Upper Salmon River is open for salmon fishing, a stretch that has not been open to recreational salmon fishing in 30 years. This year 25 miles of the South Fork Salmon River that have not been open to recreational salmon fishing for 43 years are open for salmon fishing. In addition, the eight miles that have been open for recreational salmon fishing during open seasons since 1997 are again open this year. Salmon fishing remains open over the Fourth of July weekend on the:
  • Upper Salmon River from the Highway 75 Bridge over the Salmon River at milepost 213.5 (about nine miles west of Clayton) upstream to the posted boundary about 100 yards downstream of the weir at Sawtooth Hatchery south of Stanley, until further notice or August 2, whichever comes first.
  • South Fork Salmon River from the bridge on Forest Service Road 48 - Lick Creek/East Fork South Fork Road/ - where it crosses the South Fork Salmon River, just upstream from the confluence with the East Fork South Fork Salmon River, upstream about 33 river miles to a posted boundary about 100 yards downstream from the Idaho Fish and Game South Fork Salmon River weir and trap, open until further notice.
Any waters not specifically open are closed to Chinook salmon fishing. Anglers may use only barbless hooks no larger than five-eighths inch from the point to the shank. A single hook may have up to three points. Fishing hours are from one half hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset, local time. Limits for adult Chinook salmon are two per day, six in possession and 40 for the season. Anglers may keep two jacks per day and have six in possession, but they do not count on the salmon limit. When the adult limit is reached, the angler must stop fishing for salmon, including catch-and-release. Anglers must have a valid fishing license and salmon permit in possession to fish for salmon. Please consult the 2008-2009 Fishing Seasons and Rules brochure or a Fish and Game office for additional rules, license and permit costs and other information.