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November is the Time to Think About Turkeys, Of Course!

IDAHO FALLS - It's November and images of turkeys are everywhere. It's no wonder that November is National Turkey Month. While most people are scouting for the perfect recipe for how to enjoy their Thanksgiving turkey, the Idaho Department of Fish & Game wants to take things a step further and talk with the public about proposed changes in wild turkey hunting seasons for next spring. In regions where actual turkey hunting opportunities exist, the Department will be holding open houses to gather public input. Because the Upper Snake Region presently lacks any hunting opportunity, a comment period approach is being utilized to gather input from the public. Interested individuals should contact Regional Wildlife Manager Bradley B. Compton for information concerning proposed statewide turkey regulations no later than by 5:00 P.M. on Friday, December 1. Comments can be made in a variety of ways depending on individual preferences. Comments can be made in person or mailed to the IDFG Regional Office located at 1515 Lincoln Road in Idaho Falls or via telephone at 525-7290. For those using E-mail, Compton can be reached at Turkey hunting is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. As the number of birds in the state increases, so has the number of hunters getting involved. In 1985, only 439 turkey tags were sold. Last year a total of approximately 29,164 general and controlled hunt tags were purchased. Hunter success has increased right along with hunter numbers. In 1985, a grand total of 73 birds were harvested. Last year hunters brought home 4,409 gobblers! In addition to an increase in the number of birds harvested, the number of birds transplanted continues to remain strong. According to Compton, "We are currently canvassing the state to locate potential sources of surplus turkeys that can be trapped and transplanted to our region this winter." Turkey populations in the Upper Snake Region itself have yet to take wing, but many sportsmen from the region enjoy pursuing the wily fowl elsewhere in the state. Controlled hunt opportunities exist in our neighboring region in units 68A, 73, 74, and 77. Plenty of general hunting opportunities exist in the many other parts of the state, as well as second tag and fall general hunting opportunities.