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Nonresident elk tags still available for residents to buy as second tags

Residents pay full nonresident price for the tags, which are available for a limited number of elk zones

Resident Idaho hunters looking to potentially double their elk hunting opportunities this year are in luck. Some nonresident elk tags remain available for residents as second tag for the 2021 season. After Aug. 1, unsold nonresident tags remaining can be bought by resident hunters as second tags, but still at the nonresident price. Available tags and zones are listed online at Residents can also buy the tags at all license vendors, at Fish and Game regional offices, or by calling 1-800-554-8685.

These elk tags fall within the statewide limit of 12,815 nonresident tags. The tags are not currently available to nonresidents because the nonresident limits for each individual elk zone has already been met, but the total nonresident tags in all combined elk zones was less than the statewide limit for nonresident tags. 

Elk herd 114d.jpeg
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Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

Elk herd, Southwest Region, Horseshoe Bend