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Idaho Fish and Game

No Fish Salvage Planned For Richfield Canal

The Big Wood River below Magic Reservoir dam and the Richfield Canal will NOT be open to fish salvage this fall. Due to the amount of water left in Magic Reservoir, there will be sufficient seepage and spring water below the dam to maintain fish populations in the river and canal below the dam. The river between the dam and the Richfield Canal diversion is open until March 31, 2001. The Richfield Canal is open year round. Current fishing rules of a six trout limit apply in these waters. The Big Wood River below the Richfield Canal downstream to the Milner-Gooding Canal, and the Lincoln Canal system will be open to public fish salvage effective October 1 through December 31, 2000. Fish in these waters may be taken by snagging, spearing, archery, dipnet, seines, or with the hands. The use of any toxic chemicals, explosives, electric current or firearms is strictly prohibited. Bag and possession limits are removed; however, a valid fishing license is required to salvage fish. Other canals in the region will also be open to salvage as they are dewatered over the next several weeks.