Press Release

New Year requires new Idaho hunting and fishing license

Before heading out in the New Year, Idaho hunters and anglers are reminded to pick up a 2016 license.

Nearly all of Idaho's hunting and fishing licenses, tags, and permits are sold on a calendar year basis, and they expire December 31.

The only licenses or permit not sold on a calendar year basis are Idaho's trapping license and Federal duck stamp. Both are valid from July 1 through the following June 30. This is because the seasons generally begin in the fall and end in the late winter.

An annual Idaho resident adult hunting licenses cost $12.75 and fishing licenses cost $25.75. Junior and senior licenses cost even less. Another option is a three-year license available for junior, adults and seniors, which saves a little money and time standing in line.

Licenses are available at Fish and Game offices, license vendors, by phone at 1-800-554-8685, or on-line at There is an additional service fee for licenses purchased online. Licenses for disabled hunters and anglers are only available at Fish and Game offices.

If you forget to buy a license before heading out, you can even purchase one with your smart phone.

Log into Fish and Game's website and go to the license page. From there, you will need to enter your required information. If you're an Idaho resident with a valid driver's license, the system will match your data to your driver's license to confirm your residency.

Next you will need to enter your credit card information, and after it's accepted, you will have a valid license. Mobile users must have Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox to download their license.

There won't be a hard copy mailed to you, so it's very important that you print one and keep it handy in case you don't have your phone with you, or if the battery goes dead. It's also recommended that you email yourself a copy so you have access to your license information from any computer.

Resident licenses have not increased in price in a decade. One nice dinner, a day on the slopes, or a movie and popcorn are each likely to cost more than a year of hunting or fishing in the great outdoors of Idaho.