Press Release

Nature Center to Fit New Windows

Beginning this week, the Morrison-Knudson Nature Center plans to replace its fish viewing windows, more than doubling the viewing surfaces.

After four years of planning and fund raising, construction is about to begin on new windows into the Nature Center stream. Construction is scheduled for the first two weeks of April. The Nature Center will continue to offer tours during construction, but underwater fish viewing may be affected.

Workers will start by draining the system and moving the fish later this week, March 30 and 31. That will be followed by preparation work and then concrete cutting by the first week of April. The first of the new windows should go in sometime about the middle of April if all goes according to plan.

The $45,000 project is supported by donations from individuals and corporations. The result will be larger, more spectacular and convenient viewing windows that also will be more functional for educational endeavors. The larger windows will accommodate large groups, small children and wheelchairs more easily.

The construction will be done in two phases, allowing the Nature Center to keep part of the stream running. But it will mean a temporary inconvenience to visitors.

While the new windows are being installed, the stream will be partially or completely drained. This will affect the fish viewing opportunities for about two to four weeks and may involve partial path closures. The bridge over the main pond still will be accessible for fish viewing from above.

To find out more about how this project will affect your visit, call the Nature Center at 334-2225.