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Idaho Fish and Game

Incredible Idaho on the Web

Now you can view Incredible Idaho videos on your computer. Watch an angler catch a huge sturgeon in Hells Canyon or go along on a bighorn sheep capture! (OBCTV.COM) has streamed seven years of the Best of Incredible Idaho on the internet. OBCTV.COM went on line in mid-March and chose to feature the Idaho wildlife show on their premier home page. A simple click takes you a step further into the Idaho page that lists more information on the shows and features a program guide to the stories. The new web page counted more than 6,000 hits a day its first week on line. Eventually, will add a link to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's web page so sportsmen around the world can go from watching Incredible Idaho on their computer screen to planning their own trip to Idaho. The web page offers a media player as a free download. Then, you can select a story, click it on full screen and then sit back while your computer takes you to the wild places and brings you the incredible wildlife that makes Idaho so special. Go to and link over to OBCTV.COM