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Harvest, Draw Figures Available

Statistics on last year's deer, elk, and antelope controlled hunts, as well as harvest information on general and controlled hunts, will be available to hunters next week.

A special edition of the Fish and Game News tabloid containing the statistics will be distributed to Fish and Game offices and license vendors. Copies are available free of charge.

Regular quarterly publication of Fish and Game News has been suspended because of the continuing department budget squeeze. The hunt statistics edition, however, has proven popular with hunters who use the information to choose fall big game hunts and so has been continued. One of the most important uses of the statistics is for hunters who want to calculate their chances of drawing a controlled hunt permit before applying for controlled hunts in May.

Hunters will find the new deer, elk, and antelope proclamation booklet at Fish and Game offices and license vendors later in April. Publication was delayed while legislation to adjust license and tag fees was debated in the Idaho legislature. The fee schedule is a required part of the proclamation booklet.