Press Release

Free Fishing Day aims to hook new anglers

Saturday, June 11, 2016, has been designated as Free Fishing Day in Idaho.  

On that day, anyone can fish without having to possess a valid fishing license. And that covers non-residents as well as residents.

Though fishing license requirements are suspended for this special day, all other rules, such as limits or tackle restrictions remain in effect.  Free Fishing Day includes salmon fishing.  Anglers don't need a license or salmon permit, but they are still subject to all bag and possession limits.

“Free Fishing Day is all about novice anglers giving fishing a try,” Fish and Game conservation educator Evin Oneale noted. “Fishing is a great outdoor activity, a great family activity, and a free fishing day experience might just lead to a life-long love for fishing.”

Lack of fishing experience is no excuse.  At special locations around the state, equipment will be available for use, and fishing experts will be on hand to help novice anglers learn the basics.  In addition, all locations will be stocked with hatchery rainbow trout prior to the special day.

Stay tuned for a list of events as the date draws near.  For more information regarding Free Fishing Day events in your area, contact your nearest Fish and Game office.