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Fish and Game reminds hunters and anglers to keep their license profiles current

Licenses buyers need to keep their Fish and Game profiles updated to reduce the amount of returned mail sent back to Fish and Game due to invalid mailing addresses.

Since COVID-19 hit Idaho in March 2020, it directly impacted Idaho’s hunters, anglers and trappers ability to access services provided by Fish and Game. These restrictions dramatically impacted the amount of products bought online by sportsmen and women.

The Fish and Game website has been an increasingly effective and efficient way to safely and quickly purchase licenses, tags and permits. This convenient method is not without potential problems, however, and a small side effect of this surge in web-based sales is the amount of products that have been returned to the Department because of old, insufficient, and incorrect addresses that are still in a person’s Fish and Game profile.

It is the responsibility of every license holder to keep the profile updated, which can be easily done on your Apple or Android smart phone using the gooutdoorsidaho app or by going to the website.

The log-in process has been improved so that users no longer have to remember a username or password. The new process to access a license holders profile only requires the last name and the last four digits of their social security number.

Updating a license buyer profile

Fish and Game finds the most common error is an incorrect mailing address. To reduce this potential error, the best solution is for sportsmen and women to always verify that they have their correct mailing address each year when they purchase their new license. License vendors can also verify that the personal information is correct when selling a license as well. A valid phone number is helpful, as it allows Fish and Game staff to call and alert license holders when we have mail that has been returned by the Post Office due to an invalid mailing address.

If a license, tag or permit was ordered online or over the phone and within two weeks the products have not arrived, please call your local Fish and Game so the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible. For more information, contact a Fish and Game regional office.

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Returned mail due to wrong address.